Project budgeting

For this assignment, you will continue working on the WAG expansion project. The PM, project sponsor, and the Finance department have met and determined that 3 million US dollars is still the appropriate funding requirements to build the new plant in the UK over a 2-year time period. After meeting, the team determined the following breakdown for the allocation of costs:
The budget will be $1.5 million per year
20% is allocated to salaries each year
50% is allocated to construction, upfitting, and purchase of land per year
20% is allocated for equipment purchases per year
10% is allocated for contingency reserve per year
Your task is to use the budget template linked below to input your projected budget breakdown for year 1 and year 2. Using the tasks that you created in the project management schedule from Module 03 and the work breakdown from Module 04, fill in the sheet so that you can begin building the budget by high-level task group. After completing your budget, explain in a Word document why you chose the expense lines that you included and justify the totals for each of your major categories.

Information Resource Management

Please post about the importance of an information systems strategy. What is an IS strategy? What are the strategic models that must be developed to understand and analyze an organization’s strategy?
Each discussion board set of comments is expected to have research conducted, cited in the discussion with accompanying attachments as needed. Each posting must be at least equal to 250 words minimum to qualify, but up to 500 words to be considered an “A” posting. Students will need to post at least 1 primary posting (due by Thursday, 11:59 pm) and 3 rebuttal comments (due by Sunday, 11:59 pm) and challenge other students’ postings in the class over the entire week (days 1-7). All research needs to be cited at the end of the primary post and PDF articles need to be sent as attachments to the professor at the time of the primary posting via Bb Course Messenger.
Evaluation for posts (10 points each post):
Primary post (content and length)
Rebuttals – at least 3 (throughout the week)
Citations – at least 2 per primary posting (but you can include more)
Articles – PDF files – 2 in total (sent via email at the time of posting)
All articles must be derived from Google Scholar and must be “empirical studies” on the topic. Empirical studies must have 3 components: (research model, survey, and statistical tables and graphics). Article files must be turned in as PDF files only and the PDF file names must be the same name as the article.

Demonstrate that you understand one of these theories and concepts of communication

In this unit, you have learned about many theories and concepts related to communication in interpersonal relationships, including Social Comparison Theory, Social Penetration Theory, the Johari Window, Attachment Theory, Gender Norms, Social Exchange Theory, the Stages of Relationship Development, Expressing Emotion, and the Types of Love.
Choose one of these theories and concepts to use. you should:
demonstrate that you understand the theory or concept by explaining it in your own words (though, be sure to use the theory’s key terminology); and then
apply the theory/concept to a specific, concrete example (not hypothetical or general scenario) to show that you can use theory in practice.

Writing Question

Part 1: Google Nicholas Kristof
Include a paragraph discussing the expertise of the author of this article along with his credentials. Google Nicholas Kristof and find out some of his accomplishments.
Things to think of:
Where does he work?
What has he published?
What does he specialize in?
What are his interests?
What is his educational background?
Part 2: Read 1492: The Prequel by Nicholas D. Kristof
Include at least 2 pages summarizing the main points in this article. Also, include what you found most interesting in the reading. You must provide examples throughout the entire article, not just a few pages. Include in-text citations.
Part 3: Read Rebuilding a Treasure Ship, 2008 by Mara Hvistendahl
Include at least half a page discussing what you found most interesting in the reading. Include in-text citations.

Ethics in project management

Ethics is a hot topic in business, as well as in Project Management. Using some of the examples presented in the PDF entitled “Ethics in Project Management” found in the Important Documents Folder, what kinds of dilemmas have you either seen, encountered, or can envision from your field of study and/or work? How does this apply to international projects and venues? What are facilitation payments, for example?


Jun 9th, 2022

Biodiversity and Extinction

Understand the patterns of taxonomy for extant and extinct species
Understand the diversity of living and extinct species
Understand how scientists organize species into hierarchical groupings
Visit the Tree of Life website:
Explore the website and click through to see how the website is set up. This tree represents living organisms.Starting at the root of the tree of life, select branches of the tree to navigate to the following three organisms: Philothalpus antennaria (a rove beetle in the family Staphylinidae), Homo sapiens (humans), and Salticus palpalis (a jumping spider of the Salticinae family). Record the choices that correctly lead you from the root of the tree to each target organism. For example, if the target organism were a crab, then you would record Eukaryotes, Animals (metazoa), Bilateria, Arthropoda, Crustacea, Malacostraca, Decapoda, and so on.
Write a paragraph reflecting on what you found to be the most surprising aspect of each navigation exercise.
Next, describe and compare the diversity of groups that you see as you navigate through the web of life to each of the three target species.
Do you think the tree of life website has captured all of the diversity of the planet? Use your exploration and opinion to evaluate the scope of the website.

revise story

1: Revise Your Story
As Elliot Eisner explained, writing allows us to preserve our ideas, so we can build on them later. Revisiting an idea with fresh eyes enables us to revise and extend it. The feedback you received from your peers will help you to revise your story. Take both the peer reviews and your own self-reflections into account when revising your story.
2: Discuss Revisions
Below your revised story, provide a 100-word explanation of how and why you revised your story. What changes did you make? What prompted you to make these changes?

I need a discussion with two paragraphes with using the two attached refrences, and two replies

Review the “Academic Integrity” and “GCU Plagiarism Prevention Tutorial,” located in the topic Resources. List three examples of plagiarism and discuss how plagiarizing as a student affects the integrity of a baccalaureate degree, the public perception of the nursing profession, and evidence-based practice. Describe two APA resources you will use to ensure academic integrity in your work.
Example #1
While reading through the article, “Academic Integrity”, I was able to refresh my memory on the topic of plagiarism. According to the article, there are many ways to plagiarize whether its on purpose or accident, both subject to consequences. The first example of plagiarism is to failing to include the sources to where you received your information (citations, quotation marks, and references). You need to give credit to where you received your information. The second example is to recycle your own work. Yes, even though you are the one that wrote the paper for another class, it is self plagiarism if you recycle the same work for another class. The third and final example includes submitting someone else’s work and claiming it as your own. All of these examples goes against the academic integrity of a baccalaureate degree.
Plagiarizing is academic dishonesty and it should not be tolerated especially in the line of work as nurses. Nurses have a high responsibility with patient care and should not be taking any short-cuts. Not only would it cheapen the value of the degree, but if nurses are getting their degrees by cheating and plagiarism, it will lessen the value of the profession. Nurses are held to a very high standard during the nursing program and even more so when they are licensed. We want good, quality nurses taking care of our families, that are honest and trustworthy. Plagiarism goes against what it means to be a nurse.
I am very thankful that GCU has numerous resources for students. It has been a while since I have written a paper and when I did, I had always used MLA format, so I am a little unfamiliar with the APA format. Looking through the recourses, I found the writing center to be very helpful. I have already found the sample APA papers, videos, questions and answers, and articles that will help me make sure that I am correctly writing my papers. The second thing that I am excited to be able to utilize is the LopesWrite submission link provided to make sure that I do not have any accidental matches to anyone else’s work.
Grand Canyon University (n.d). Student Success Center. Academic Integrity.
Grand Canyon University (n.d). Student Success Center. Examples of Policy Violations.
Example #2
Reading through the “Academic Integrity” article opens the readers eyes the varying ways that plagiarism can happen. There are two different types of plagiarism there is intentional plagiarism and non-intentional plagiarism. Non- Intentional plagiarism is when the person doing the work is plagiarizing but does not know that they are doing so. An example of this would be if some didn’t quote something appropriately, didn’t summarize correctly or even if the person attempted to do a correct citation but left out important pieces of the citation. While it is still considered plagiarism it is not intentional.
Intentional plagiarism is when the author intentionally tries to use someone else’s writing for there benefit. It is taking someone else’s work and trying to use it as your own. Examples of plagiarism are not citing correctly, using whole pieces within their writing with out summarizing it, selling it, or using it any way for the persons benefit without giving dues where dues are needed.
When a student is caught plagiarizing a piece there are a number of consequences that they may receive depending if it was intentional or not. If the student intentionally plagiarized the consequences could include receiving a zero for the assignment, being removed from the class, failure of the course and being expelled from the university which could be the end of that students academic career.
The nursing field is considered one of the most trusted careers. People feel vulnerable with us and we hold their lives and best interest at hand. From as little as getting their meds to them on time all the way up to be their voice or being the patient advocate when they cannot be their own. By being in this field it makes it increasingly important that we hold ourselves to a higher standard both in the field and academically. Being held to a higher standard academically means that we are doing good solid research and that with that research we are citing ourselves appropriately.
Grand Canyon University. (2019). Examples of Policy Violations.
Academic Integrity . (n.d.). Retrieved June 6, 2022, from…
I need one reply to each example with 7 sentences each

International Trade Question

Explain your understanding of free trade within a five-page essay. In your essay, while citing the course textbook in every paragraph, develop arguments that explain the benefits, and the pitfalls, of a free trade regime. In your essay, be sure to discuss the significance of the World Trade Organization, as you support your arguments. Also cite one peer-reviewed journal article in your essay to support your argument, in addition to the Barron’s article provided in the course readings. Please also cite the Martin Wolf video from the Financial Times to support your position on issues related to open markets. Your paper should include a cover page, five pages of text, and a References page with one-inch margins.

Financial Aid Appeal

Hello, Please I need to financial aid appeal for my college. I didn’t meet my SAP. I was very close to meeting their requirement SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) I need to support the appeal so I can financial aid to support college and myself.
“SUSPENDED: Your federal financial aid has been suspended. You are
currently not eligible to receive federal financial aid. You have not
met the federal requirement for a rate of completion. Students must have
successfully completed 67% of their Attempted Hours (including transfer
work) in order to meet this requirement. If there were extenuating
circumstances that contributed to the deficient rate of completion, you
may complete the Petition for Reinstatement on the Financial Aid and
Scholarships website. Please read the Petition for Reinstatement to
determine if there is an acceptable reason for an appeal review. If
there were extenuating circumstances, please complete and submit the
Petition for Reinstatement to the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office.
Make certain that the required student statement includes the date,
Sam ID, and student signature. Also include the necessary supporting
documentation (i.e. medical bills, notification of death for an immediate
family member) for the extenuating circumstance. A Petition for
Reinstatement cannot be approved without proper documentation to support
the existence of an extenuating circumstance.”
I have a major impact. I had to deal with my court. I had to withdraw from all my courses couple of semesters because of my court.
One of my colleges WGU is not fit for me because it is an online college. They are not able to provide me with good accommodation. (I am deaf) I was struggle to pass it.
Throughout this
time, I have faced a number of challenges in meeting my own goals for success
as a student. However, over the last few months, things in my life have improved
significantly to allow me to position myself to again become a successful student
here at the college. I only need 51 credits to complete my Bachelor’s degree.