answer correctly

1. What is the best response by a woman who is taking oral contraceptives and is
prescribed an antibiotic ?
A. While taking the antibiotic, she should use another form of contraception.
B. There is nothing extra that she should do regarding oral contraception
C. Stop taking oral contraception while taking the antibiotic.
D. Refuse to take the antibiotic.
2. What is a critical task to complete after administering a medication ?
A. Document the medication administration.
B. Go immediately to get a blanket the client asked for 15 minutes before the
medication administration.
C. Verify a client’s blood type.
D. Make sure the client has water at the bedside.
3. Which substance is the preferred source for energy in the body’s cells ?
A. Vitamins
B. Fats
C. Protein
D. Carbohydrates
4. What approaches to client education are essential to consider when reinforcing client
teaching ? Select all that apply
A. Identify teaching strategies considering age, level of education and preferred
method of learning.
B. Choose a method to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching.
C. Provide privacy and confidentiality.
D. Speak only to the client regardless of cultural background.
E. Assess client readiness to learn.
5. Which lab test helps reflect nutritional status ?
A. Prealbumin
C. A1C
6. What is the best natural source for vitamin D ?
A. Multigrain bread
B. Fortified cereals
C. Milk
D. Sunshine
7. Aminoglycosides can result in which of the following serious side effects ?
A. Nephrotoxicity and ototoxicity
B. C.difficile pseudomembranous colitis
C. Cardiotoxicity and left heart failure
D. CNS infection and meningitis
8. Which is a common side effect of opioid use ?
A. Constipation
B. Decreased pupil size
C. Apnea
D. Increased blood pressure
9. What is the medication cyclobenzaprine prescribed to treat ?
A. Pain associated with diabetes
B. Nervous system pain
C. Acute surgical pain
D. Pain from muscle spasms
10. What is a client’s nutritional requirement when in the hospital ?
A. Higher because the body requires nutrition for healing maintenance.
B. Much lower because they are sick
C. Adherence to daily recommended calories based on height and weight
D. Only calculated by registered dieticians
11. What unexpected substance is found in many cough syrups, cold drugs and
mouthwashes ?
A. Caffeine
B. Sodium
C. Alcohol
D. Magnesium
12. Which medication is a common antiviral drug ?
A. Acyclovir
B. Gentamycin
C. Meropenem
D. Fluconazole
13. Why is it important to monitor the duration of aminoglycoside antibiotic
A. Excessive long treatment causes bacteria to re-infect the client.
B. Because these antibiotics cause sterility in men and women if not carefully
C. Over exposure can result in permanent hearing loss.
D. Longer treatment times result in allergic responses.
14. What does S stand for SBAR ?
A. Stat
B. Situation
C. Standard
D. Shift
15. What type of pain can be hard to locate and may be referred ?
A. Breakthrough
B. Chronic
C. Visceral
D. Neuropathic
16. Medication for influenza works best when following which guidelines ?
A. Combine with an antibiotic
B. Administer with 48 hours of symptom presentation.
C. Taken with iron supplementation
D. Administer at any time during the infection
17. Which is the best way to treat vaginal candidiasis ?
A. Acyclovir
B. One dose of vancomycin
C. One dose of fluconazole
D. Antibiotics
18. What is the most severe side effect of morphine sulfate ?
A. Tachycardia
B. Respiratory depression
C. Stroke
D. Low blood pressure
19. When is the optimal time for a client to begin antiviral medications after
exposure to influenza ?
A. As soon as possible. After confirmed exposure.
B. Wait for the incubation period to end and start only if symptoms occur
C. Begin prophylactically during flu season when immunocompromised.
D. Three days after exposure
20. What is a good choice for non-pharmacologic treatment for pain ?
A. Running
B. Opioids
C. Weightlifting
D. Massage
21. If a client weighs 230 lbs and the nurse needs to administer medication
based on the weight in kg, what is the client’s weight in kg ?
A. 105 kg
B. 103 kg
C. 115 kg
D. 100 kg
23. Which of the following describes pain that is present in a specific area of the
body, is considered aching and throbbing, and does not resolve within an expected time
frame ?
A. Visceral
B. Nociceptive
C. Neuropathic
D. Acute
24. What is the effect on host flora when antibiotics are administered ?
A. Host flora are increased and become more potent.
B. Host flora otherwise known as normal flora do not affect antibiotic activity.
C. Host flora protects the body from the damage caused by antibiotics
D. Host flora are typically negatively impacted, which can lead to yeast or
fungal infections.
25. How do sulfonamides work in the body ?
A. Best choice for superficial skin infections
B. Bacteriostatic, prevent bacterial growth and function
C. Bactericidal , destroys the outer membrane of infectious organisms.
D. Works only in the bacterial in the bladder
26. In a healthcare setting institution which is the best way to communicate past
and current information regarding clients ?
A. Write all the information down and present to the shift charge nurse
B. Speak directly to the attending physician
C. Through the medical record
D. Face – to – face
27. If a client speaks a foreign language or signs because they are mute, what
must you provide, to complete education ?
A. Another nurse who speaks the patients language
B. Get a family member to translate
C. Professional translation services
D. Tell the physician that education cannot be completed
28. What is the most cause of concern for a client who takes acetaminophen ?
A. Overdosing in the OTC medication
B. The total amount of acetaminophen in the OtC medication
C. The ingredient in the OTC that stops the cough
D. The impact of any alcohol contained in the OTC remedy
29. What choice is best for treating mild to moderate pain ?
A. Acetaminophen
B. Morphine
C. Oxycodone
D. Fentanyl
30. What is the best description of an infection ?
A. The activation of the host microbiome against self-proteins.
B. An exaggeration of the inflammatory immune response.
C. A distribution of the pH of the body in reaction to translocated bacteria in
body tissues.
D. Disease causing pathogens are invading healthy tissue and releasing
destructive toxins.
31. What is a component of the client hand-off ?
A. A verbal accounting of the previous shift’s events of client’s care.
B. Telling the oncoming nurse who the covering physician is for the shift.
C. Telling the family who the oncoming nurse will be.
D. Introducing the client family to the oncoming nurse.
32. Which is a side effect of taking skeletal muscle relaxants ?
A. Diarrhea
B. Insomnia
C. Tachycardia
D. Hypotension
33. Which bacteria have a double layer outer cell membrane making them more
difficult to kill ?
A. Aeribuc bacteria
B. Gram negative bacteria
C. Staphylococcus
D. Gram – positive bacteria
34. How does opioid medication work to treat pain ?
A. They block the perception of pain at Mu receptors.
B. They block nerve endings at the site of pain.
C. They block the activity of serotonin.
D. They block the activity of substance -p
35. Which vitamins listed are fat soluble vitamins ?
A. Thiamine, riboflavin, A, D
B. Niacin, A,D,C
C. C, A, B1, B3
D. A,D,W and K
36. What is the term for organisms that are resistant to three or more different
antibiotics ?
A. Resistant organism
B. A secondary infection
D. A superbug or multi drug resistant organisms
37. What is the source of nutrition that supports growth tissue maintenance, and
production of enzymes ?
A. Fats
B. Protein
C. Carbohydrates
D. Vitamins
38. What are penicillinase and beta-lactamase ?
A. These are penicillin antibiotics.
B. These are enzymes that have made some bacterias resistant to penicillin.
C. These are chemical remands that are part of the synthetic components of
D. These are proteins attached to a bacterial cell well synthesis inhibitor that
extends bacterial coverage.
39. Which medication is used to treat oral candidiasis, thrush ?
A. Nystatin
B. Valacyclovir
C. Voriconazole
D. Fluconazole
40. Which antibiotic classification is not a cell wall synthesis inhibitor ?
A. Penicillin
B. Cephalosporins
C. Tetracyclines
D. Carbapenems
41. What kind of pain is the client describing when saying “ the pain feels sharp
shooting and burning down both of my legs “ !
A. Acute pain
B. Neuropathic
C. Nociceptive pain
D. Chronic, visceral pain
42. Which of the following statements describes the purpose for the use of
antiviral medication ?
A. Prescribers are reluctant to start antiviral medications due to the severity of
adverse effects.
B. Antiviral medication can only be used once
C. If any antiviral is started immediately, treatment will result in a cure.
D. If an antiviral is started immediately, treatment will result in a cure.
43. What kind of vitamins are readily excreted in the ir one and not stored in the
body ?
A. Fat-soluble vitamins
B. Botanicals
C. Organic Vitamins
D. Water soluble vitamins
44. Which of the following is required for bone health and utilization of calcium ?
A. Vitamin C
B. Vitamin D
C. Milk
D. Estrogen
45. What term relates to fungal infection ?
A. Nematoid
B. Mycosis
C. Streptococcus viridans
D. Helminths
46. What does SBAR stand for ?
A. Self, Basis, Action, report
B. Situation, background, assessment, recommendation.
C. Safe, benevolent, actuating, relevance
D. Security, blending, action, recording
47. Most clients will learn important points regarding medications through which
approach ?
A. Written material
B. Oral communication
C. Video recording
D. A variety of approaches
48. What is the most important to determine when the LPN is assisting the registered
nurse with client education ?
A. Can the client read and write ?
B. Is the lighting in the room appropriate ?
C. Does the client have family members in the room ?
D. Does the client have at least a high school education ?
49. Which is a natural opioid in the human body released in response to pain
stimulation ?
A. Dopamine
B. Serotonin
C. Endorphin
D. Substance-p antagonist
50. Which one of these terms means that it takes a higher dose of opioid medication
for the client to receive the same pain relief ?
A. Tolerance
B. Abuse
C. Addiction
D. Physical addiction

Social Science Question

Parent participation in early childhood can be difficult. Using the knowledge gained from your readings about stressors in a family’s life, reflect on whether or not you feel parent participation should be required. This assignment evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of parental involvement in early childhood programs and partially fulfills Course Outcome 1, describe the characteristics of diverse families and communities within the societal and cultural context and Course Outcome 3 demonstrating strategies and techniques that include and empower all families as partners in promoting comprehensive child development.
1. Consider whether parent participation in early childhood programs should be required. Research both sides of the argument and present evidence that supports both positions.
2. Determine your position on the issue and explain why you believe that parent involvement should or should not be mandated.
Reading assignment and lecture notes; other research based resources
· Acceptable Length: 1-2 pages
· Put your name, course and section number, and assignment title clearly at the top left of the document (single spaced).
· Title your paper: Persuasive Argument
· Use one-inch margins.
· Use 12 point Times New Roman font.
· Use double line spacing in the document.
· Include your Works Cited page at the end of your paper

Political Science Question

The Essay has two parts.
Part 1: What does your ideal society look like?
This part of the final essay should not be country-specific. You can be as idealistic or as practical as you want.about ⅔ of your paper should be outlining the components of your ideal society.

Part 2: Does the country you chose to study this term fit your criteria of an ideal society? You should use about ⅓ of your total paper discussing whether or Argentina has the components you see as necessary in your ideal society.

Concepts you may CHOOSE to cover (at least 4 of them):
Political, Economic, Social Institutions
Power and Legitimacy
Political Ideologies
Political Culture
Political Economy
Models of Democracy
Models of Nondemocratic Rule
State Capacity and Autonomy
You must use the textbook and multiple citations from it.
You must also use at least two other academic, governmental, and/or media sources.
Academic journals, major national or international newspapers, major online news organizations, databases, etc.
You may not use Wikipedia or other websites of unknown or inexpert origin.
Textbook: O’Neil, Patrick H. Essentials of Comparative Politics. W.W. Norton

Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement Response

Please respond to Joyce with 150 words
Fire prevention efforts are critical because they create controls and situations to mitigate fires. Having the controls in place should make it easier for the fire professionals to do their jobs. Otherwise these conditions could lead to a more dangerous situation. This could make it harder if not impossible for responders.

Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement

Discuss how the components of a fire prevention program can enhance the effectiveness of firefighting efforts on the fireground and help keep firefighters safe. If you are an active firefighter, assuming your department has challenges educating firefighters on the value of prevention efforts and the correlation to firefighter safety, how would you go about getting buy-in to improve this relationship at your department? If you are not with a fire department, assume you were put in the same scenario. How would you convince someone that fire prevention efforts make a firefighter’s job safer? Response should be 200 words

Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement

Discuss how the components of a fire prevention program can enhance the effectiveness of firefighting efforts on the fireground and help keep firefighters safe. If you are an active firefighter, assuming your department has challenges educating firefighters on the value of prevention efforts and the correlation to firefighter safety, how would you go about getting buy-in to improve this relationship at your department? If you are not with a fire department, assume you were put in the same scenario. How would you convince someone that fire prevention efforts make a firefighter’s job safer? Response should be 200 words

answer correctly

Create an Informative PowerPoint on a patient safety issue in any healthcare delivery setting. You should include
What: Introduction: Identify your safety issue
Who: Who has been identified as most at risk for your safety issue
Where : Where is your safety issue most likely to occur
When: When is your safety issue most likely to occur
Why: Why does your safety issue occur?
How: Conclusion: How can we improve ? You must identify 5 nursing interventions to that can minimize the risk for your patient
Please use 1 slide for each (what, who, where, when, why, and how). Use pictures, graphs, etc. Use at least 2 EBP Articles. Citation at the of the slide.
Some examples you may use: Surgical Site Infections: CLABSI, CAUTI, MRSA, C-Diff, Pressure Ulcers
Do not use falls for this assignment.

Unit Five Reflection

A reflection paper is a chance for you to reflect on the materials from the learning unit. You should NOT research any of the materials from the unit. Instead, work with your own understanding of the materials to create meaning for the learning unit.
For Unit Five Reflection, write a 500 word reflection paper where you consider the ideas presented in Unit Five. What stuck out to you as important? Why? Can you draw a personal connection to the idea? Is there something from the last 10 years or so that relates to this idea? Explain the idea to your reader and its relevance to the learning unit. Then explain your connection — either personal or something from the last 10 years — placing it solidly within the context of the learning unit.
Be sure to quote from and reference specific materials from the Learning Unit. DO NOT do outside research. The paper should be double spaced with a standard 12 point font. Paragraphs should be left justified and the first line should be indented. No heading is required.

Article Review, Turabian Author-Date style (Reference)

Two Annotations [300–400 words each]. Each annotation should summarize the article, including identifying the research question/thesis, methodology used, evidence or data presented, major findings, and overall strengths or weaknesses of the article. Place a bibliographic reference at the top of each annotation.
One Synthesis [750–800 words]. The synthesis addresses the prompt question, using the two articles to respond to the question, providing comparison/contrast and agreement/ disagreement between them. Organize the synthesis around answering the prompt question. The structure of the synthesis should be the response to the question. For this assignment, the prompt question is, “According to the authors, does the federal government’s fiscal measures (both taxing and spending) have an overall beneficial or negative effect on sub-national governments”?

Defining and describing questions about Environmental Ethics, philosophers and things such as monism and pluralism

1. Define, describe and contrast the general difference between “moral monism” and
“moral pluralism” as presented by Christopher Stone (define each concept first, then
paraphrase and use examples to clarify your explications).
What does Stone mean when he “refuses to presume that all ethical activities are, in
all contexts, determined by the same features, or even subject to the same overarching
(See class notes and pages 195 – 198)
a. Stone presents a contrast between different types of “Metaethical Assumptions”
What are the basic differences he presents between “Moral Monism” approaches
to ethics and possible “Moral Pluralist” approaches to ethics—especially as they
might relate to Environmental Ethics. (Note: he starts by making reference to
Aldo Leopold’s “Land Ethic” to set up his contrast).
b. Describe with examples where helpful the additional considerations Stone
discusses such as the “variables” of Grain of Description, Mood, and Logical
(formal) structure.
c. Relate his overall motivation for discussion these options to approaching
Environmental Ethics (EE)—to “give good reasons” for whatever choices we
might make in a given context or situation.
2. Why does Callicott argue for “a single moral philosophy uniting multiple moral
communities” and what general direction does he suggest as a solution?
(See class notes and pages 214-216)
a. What are the problems Callicott has/identifies with Stone’s pluralistic approach to
Environmental Ethics (EE)?
b. What is Callicott’s proposed alternative to Stone’s approach to EE? Present and
describe his goal o f a “Single Moral Philosophy” which can provide unity or a
simpler criterion for approaching EE.
3. Why does Andrew Light argue against Callicott’s Theoretical Monism? Describe
Light’s reasons for adopting a “practical pluralism” using Arne Naess’s
Metatheoretical pluralism.
(See class notes and pages 238-244)
a. Present Light’s summary or take on Callicott’s perspective of Stone’s pluralistic
approach and his summary of Callicott’s monism.
b. Why does Light claim that Callicott’s “communitarian monism” is unable to
capture or achieve the same ends/goals as a pluralist approach? (See his example
from Brenann)
c. Present and describe Andrew Light’s approach he calls “Environmental
Pluralism.” How does he relate his approach to the work of Arne Naess?
d. Which approach(es) does Light want to avoid using (relativist issues)?