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This week, you will write a comprehensive APA analysis paper using all the knowledge you have gained in this course. Use what you have learned from the READ and ATTEND sections throughout the course (including Unit 5) and at least three scholarly sources to address the items listed below. If you need support on how to formulate your APA Analysis paper, you may refer to your APA Template under the Resource tab or contact the CPS Librarians. Please refer to your grading rubric for guidance. Upon completion you will click on the Dropbox tab to submit your paper for grading.
Be sure to support your work with at least FOUR scholarly sources. Use in-text citations and do not self plagiarize from the previous weeks.
What types of inmates are housed in supermax prisons? For what type of inmates is supermax housing not designed?
What impact does long-term solitary confinement have on inmates? What impact does working in a supermax facility have on staff?
Consider the following scenario: Assume your state is planning a supermax prison. What will you propose as opportunities for inmates to demonstrate positive behavior to work their way out?
What makes capital murder trials more expensive than other murder trials? Is there a point at which the economic consequence of an execution outweighs its value to the public?
Consider the following scenario: You are the prosecuting attorney in a rural county of 7,500 people in a southern state. A capital case is coming up for trial. Estimates of costs for the case begin at $500,000. How will you justify paying for the prosecution of the case?

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The Securities Exchange Commission is an independent regulatory agency since it is formed to regulate the industry’s security. It matters the outcome of the dispute because the violators may be punished in violation of any rule. It is responsible for implementing federal securities laws and regulating the security industry. It is also responsible for enforcing tax laws and putting down rules for securities trade. Therefore, the court would examine every effect rule that has a chance for parties to violate the regulation and accordingly take appropriate actions. The agency had to follow the rules in procedure in making rules through noticing the proposed rulemaking, introducing a comment period, and making the final rule. The court would find it hard to offer Chevron deference to the interpretation of the SEC concerning law on insider trading unless it has been inspected appropriately. There is a possibility that the agency might investigate the entities that they regulate both through and after rulemaking procedures to obtain data and issue monitor compliance.
The court should define the new rule through the authority formed by the administrative agencies to carry out their responsibilities and duties lawful. For instance, rulemaking does not begin with the general recommendation of parties since there are steps needed to understand the requirement of new rules and the effects on all parties. If the court discovers that the new rule is totally interpretive, it will require deference to the agency’s findings, interpretations, and law facts. An agency must be able to follow notice-and-comment rulemaking procedures to understand the law. Insider trading violations are more usual and can lead to imprisonment and maybe criminal fines for all the entities involved. Generally, the people who go against the insider trading laws may be directed to an injunction and sometimes be allowed to disgorge any losses they had avoided or profits they had gained. This is because one of the parties might feel that the newly formed rule limits their rights before the Federal Trade Commission.

Law Question

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Debate This:
Only the largest publicly held companies should be subject to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
Sarbanes- Oxley Act was created in 2002. The Act inflicts several strict measures on all public accounting companies. The provisions are primarily applied to companies that offer auditing services to organizations whose securities are available for sale to public investors to protect their interests (Miller, 2020). Therefore all publicly held companies should be subjected to Sarbanes- Oxley Act.
Firstly subjecting all publicly held companies to the Act will help reinstate public confidence in the reports that the auditors provide. The many high-profile fraud cases made many investors lose faith in the audit reports of many corporations. So, the Act protects investors from making wrong decisions due to false financial reporting (Miller, 2020). Secondly, when the Act is applied to publicly traded companies, many individuals, especially employees, would be willing to report any inaccurate information that is meant to persuade the public to invest in organizations that are not potentially viable (Feng

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Read the article: “Should You Trust Media Bias Charts?” (Links to an external site.)
After reading the article, consider your project and what your experience has been with each source of media to formulate your answers to the following prompts. Write at least 300 words using the discussion prompts to guide your content. Then, respond to at least two of your peers’ posts using at least 150 words for each.
Discussion Prompts
Compare the two charts discussed in the article. What are some differences in their bias labels?
Do you agree with the charts and the information in the article about bias charts? Why or why not? Provide evidence for your response.
Look back at your knowledge about your project topic and the media at the beginning of this course. What is one thought or belief that has changed or shifted since beginning the project? What one that has stayed mostly the same?
How does this article change or confirm your thinking on the articles you have found thus far?
Sheridan, J. (2021, February 3). Should you trust media bias charts? Potyner. https://www.poynter.org/fact-checking/media-litera…

Legislative History

(7) Understanding statutes through legislative history – YouTube
Judicial Interpretation of Statutes | C-SPAN.org
Read Eskridge ch. 9. William N. Eskridge, Jr., Phillip P. Frickey, Elizabeth Garrett, Legislation and Statutory Interpretation (3d ed.). ISBN: 978-1-64242-108-8.
Please pay close attention to the videos and reading…. Principles from the unit must be included.
Using the principles you learned this week about legislative history see below:
After reading the assignments and watching the videos, please pick TWO of the arrested individuals below (Harry, Mrs. Weasley, Luna, Hermione, or Neville) and answer all three questions in ONE Discussion Board post using the principles that you learned this week. Click the link above (Unit 6: Group Discussion Board) and then on the Group A or B, click on Group Discussion Board and then on Unit 6: Group Discussion Board.
Prompt: The City Council of Grass Pants in West Oregifornia passes the following statute in 1979:
Sec. 1. The Council finds that vehicles create safety problems when they are operated in parks. We, therefore, find that the best solution is to ban all vehicles from parks in the town of Grass Pants, West Oregifornia.
Sec. 2. No vehicles of any kind shall be allowed in any town park. Any person who brings or drives a vehicle into one of the city parks in Grass Pants, West Oregifornia, will be guilty of a Class 3 misdemeanor, which is punishable by a $200 fine or one day incarceration in the city jail.
Sec. 3. For purposes of this ordinance, “vehicle” shall mean any mechanism for conveying a person from one place to another, including automobiles, trucks, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, and motor scooters. Provided that bicycles shall be allowed in the park, so long as they are being pushed or carried and not ridden.
In 1988, the newly elected sheriff, Draco Malfoy, decides to strictly enforce the statute. He arrests the following five people:
Harry Potter—A teenage boy riding a skateboard through the park.
Mrs. Weasley—A mother pushing a baby jogging stroller
Luna Lovegood—A 4 year-old riding a tricycle
Hermione Granger—A 7 year-old girl wearing roller shoes.
Neville Longbottom—A 11 year-old using a remote controlled car in the park.
These five individuals challenge their arrest based on the argument that the ordinance does not apply to them. Using the principles you learned this week about legislative history, answer the following:
Question 1: The Grass Pants City Council records all of its City Council sessions. There is an 8 track tape from the 1979 Council session which reveals that Dolores Umbridge, the Council member who introduced the provision, was concerned about rambunctious children who raced through the park on their bicycles or scooters and caused other persons enjoying the park to trip and fall. She stated, “this statute will make the park safer for all park-goers.” How would this information impact the application of the statute to the two defendants you chose last week?
Question 2: Assume that all the information above in question 1 is still true. Before passing the ordinance, the City Council asked the City Council’s Transportation Committee to review the ordinance. The Committee, like a federal legislative committee, can propose amendments to the ordinance and hear testimony. The Committee issued a committee report following extensive hearings on the provision. The report mentioned that the primary source of accidents in parks were caused by motorized vehicles. How would this information impact the application of the statute to the defendants?
Question 3: Assume all the information above in questions 1

European Immigration and Asylum Policy

Prepare an essay on European Asylum Policy: Is it possible to strike the balance between security of citizens and the protection of fundamental right of third-country nationals? There are no good or bad choices. I am interested in your argumentation. The essay should be 6-10 pages long. if you use sources, include footnotes.

I would like a 2700 word answer on the question I have provided. Everything you research must be on

I would like a 2700 word answer on the question I have provided. Everything you research must be on uk law. All work must be referenced in oscola style. I have attached you a level 7 grade marking which is the sheet my tutor will use to give me a grade. You will need to try and get the top mark, so look at the top band. Also when you are writing this can you highlight where you have done the top band work for example critical analysis etc. I will attach a PowerPoint and some information sheet which is in relation to the question to give you a guidance on the writing. They’re is a document called question housing. You will find the question you must answer on there alongside a little marking criteria which shows you how you must write up the work. If you have any question please message before starting.

You need to log into to my blackboard please to access the test questions ,modules and discussion board. This

You need to log into to my blackboard please to access the test questions ,modules and discussion board. This is a test

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This test covers the second half of the course – modules 7-12. It has a slightly different format than the previous test. There are 10 short answer questions, each worth 12 points and one final question that asks you which was your favorite module, worth 5 points.

The test questions largely ask you to draw on main themes from the readings, often similar to the discussion questions. Therefore, the discussion questions can serve as somewhat of a guide in your studying. You need to remember, though, in your responses that you should reference the readings. You don’t need to quote from the readings but your answers should be based on the readings and not just your opinion.

If you have any questions, let me know!

The overall dissertation is on the Obligation to decolonize. I want to look into whether the Great Britain has Essay

The overall dissertation is on the Obligation to decolonize. I want to look into whether the Great Britain has actually followed this obligation to decolonize – this chapter is specifically on whether the Great Britain has followed this obligation and what lessons we can learn from whether or not they have followed. My first chapter is going to be on what the obligation to decolonize is and the final section is the effects of whatever the results of section 2 are. The referencing system is OSCOLA, this is for a LLB dissertation in the UK based on Uk English. My difficulty is writing I can’t get ideas into words, so I have been looking at John Darwin – Britain and decolonization and M. E. chamberlain decolonization, I have been struggling to find much about whether Great Britain has decolonized the Caribbean – I want a little focus on that as I know that the UK lasts colonies are there and I want to know the significance of that. But that would be ok if you cannot find anything. I will send over every single thing that I have been able to grab. Thank you so much

International Law Question

In order to complete this, you will need to answer the below questions. Please complete the questions in a Word document. Use examples from the readings, and outside research to support your answers. The assignment must be a minimum of 1-full page in length with a minimum of 2 – outside sources. Please be sure to follow APA guidelines for citing and referencing source.
Using the Internet and other sources, research the topic of biometrics. What type of biometrics is the most accurate? The lease accurate? Are specific biometric devices more realistic than others? Write a one-page paper on your findings.