Week 5 Discussion

Let’s use this exercise to closely examine your company’s digital and social media strategy [You can also select a company with which you’re familiar].
Look for the social media icons on the home page of your organization’s website. Click through to look at the social media sites for your organization.
What is your view of your organization’s social media strategy?
Does the organization offer the customer a seamless experience across digital media channels?
Are the social media channels effectively integrated with your organization’s website?
How does the company engage with customers on social media?
Do social media channels contribute to organizational and marketing goals?
What are your recommendations for improving the organization’s social media strategy?
Note: Your DQ response should integrate course concepts or other credible sources with your professional experience to earn full credit. Please do not taint the classroom with content from dictionaries, encyclopedias, and cheat mills. This is an advanced master’s course; please demonstrate advanced master’s research and analysis skills. In other words, apply and cite the course content and other credible sources.