Soc- Finances – a short reflection

This is a short reflection. With 1-2 pages double space
Consider the following:
Women, on average, live on about $1,125 per month in Social Security and men, about $1,447 per month. As we know, in California, this is not enough to live on if you are alone.
Put yourself in the shoes of an elderly man or woman living on a fixed income that has recently lost their home. What do you do? Are there resources out there that might help you?
Do a little Google/ internet research. What search terms lead you to resources or advice? How easy was it to find help? Could you develop a plan if you found yourself in this situation? Give a little detail on how you would approach this.
5 Problems with Social Security and a Silver Lining:…
Myths and Facts VIDEO:… among older adults is increasing; among single,functional impairment—20 years earlier than their housed counterparts.