Psychology 2230

Lots to think about. Write each response as if it were a small paragraph.
CREDIBLE SOURCES – What did you learn from all the assigned reading material about vetting, selecting, and integrating data from professional sources?
What does it mean to make an assertion and defend it? What is the role of sources?Discuss the purpose and importance of asserting and defending your position. You will not find this answer in a dictionary – it will come from everything you’ve been reading and thinking about.
How does the use of credible sources fit into the upcoming career paper?
Thinking ahead to the Career Paper, which careers are you thinking about? Have you started identifying the three careers you might be interested in knowing more about? What are those three and why?
What did you learn from your library assignment?
Identify three of the oldest psychology research journals that psychologists could use. What is your support for selecting these articles? Try to create the most accurate reference list for these articles. What can the librarians do to help you “get it right?”
How does the APA style format influence our communication?
Summarize the topics and what you took away from each video; give an example of each format or style takeaway from the videos.