One of the things in presentation that you want to look at is that all the pieces of this

One of the things in presentation that you want to look at is that all the pieces of this SitRep and the narrative and the appendices are there and in proper order. Alright, so that means in the order of the rubric. So we don’t put, in this case the bibliography at the end. Bibliography actually goes before the tables and matrices. So we want everything in order, the same order listed in the rubric. Also, we want everything that belongs in the certain category to be there. Again, like I told you when I provided the lecture and how to prepare your report, we always like the facts and bullet point, and especially in the in the SitRep because we want to keep it to one page if possible. And also whenever we referenced people in the background, if you know that person’s name, use it, not just their title, that’s important too. So let’s make certain that we always have the sufficient facts. I’ve been big on that when I was grading years. And that the facts are in the FAQ section and in the reasoning section. The reasoning section, of course, is where you describe how you came up with the numbers you used in your tables and matrices. And that should tie in your conclusion to the higher levels that you came up with in your risk analysis matrix. Alright? And of course, again, when we’re talking about sources, when we do the bibliography, we want that to be annotated. Which means in the bibliography we want to make certain that how you judge the source you used, how useful was it, what did you use it for in addition to its reliability and credibility? So again, when you do your peer review, follow the rubric, follow this matrix, and make certain all the points I highlighted are there and make certain that it does flow well, that it makes sense. You’re looking at content and form and format. So take your time and look for those errors and highlight those errors and provide a justification.