Journal # 2

The assignment is the same every week. For your journaling assignment, you are to write one double-spaced page about one of the reading assignments for the week. While there is more than one reading for most weeks, you will only be responsible for one journal entry on one of the readings.
Your journal entries should include the following:
The name of the author and title of the essay you’re writing about, as well as the week for which we are doing the reading.
A summary of the authors’ main premises and points. You summary must demonstrate an understanding of the main points of the text you have selected. (4 pts)
Your thoughts on the issues that the author raises. In doing so, you will want to consider such questions as: is this something you can agree with the author on? If so, why? If not, why not? What examples from your own life help you to understand the author’s perspective? Or conversely, are the author’s observations ones that only work in specific historical and cultural situations?(4 pts)
Vocabulary that you had to look up. (You may be quizzed on vocabulary words from the readings, so be sure not to skip this step. You will also lose points if the vocabulary is not included.)(2 pts)