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Consider all your behaviors, from eating, smoking, and exercise habits, to how well you manage your emotional health, protect yourself from disease, injury, and abuse, to stress and sleep management.
Create Your Specific Behavior Change Goal
Create your specific behavior change goal. (5 points)
For example, I will reduce the amount of soda I drink to 3 cans per week.
Is your goal measurable? How will you measure your progress? Describe your measurement tool and what you will be tracking each week. (10 points)
For example, I will keep a count of how many cans of soda I drink a day and reduce by one can a week until I reach my goal. I will track my behavior by writing down how many cans I drink each day.
Is your goal relevant and why? Why is this goal important to you? (10 points)
For example, This is important because I want to lose weight and have fewer cavities. I want to reduce my sugar intake to improve my health and avoid Diabetes Type II.