FIN4437-XTIA Answer Question5 of Case 1: Depression of 1920-1921

Here are some general requirements/instructions for the case study and roadmap questions to answer in your report. Please note that these questions merely serve as a roadmap to guide you through the case, and in-depth discussions about industry dynamics and business strategies beyond the scope of the questions require readings from other sources and are the key to getting bonus points.
Questions to cover:
Should the FRB move to establish a penalty rate in March 1921? Requirements/instructions
1. Grading:
Case Report – 100 points, plus up to 10 bonus points based on three dimensions – insight, comprehensiveness, and scientific format
2. Report Length: 1 – 2 pages, excluding title, reference, and meeting memo;
3. Similarity score of your report and articles from other sources below 25%;
4. Font size equal to or smaller than 12;
5. No more than double space;
6. Provide a complete list of references for works that you cite (APA style);
7. Submission: word