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Assignment 1 ( 2 files)
Watch the video on “Intro to Ethics.” Take notes as your Unit Journal Posts are based on this video. When you write your UNIT Journals, you can refer to the video. link:…
make two (2) Posts per UNIT. Each Post must be a MINIMUM of 200 words. JOURNALS SHOULD NOT BE BASED ON THE PPTs
Each Post must consist of the following three (3) elements:
an important fact from the UNIT reading,
what this fact means,
why this post is important to you.
I am looking for such statements as “I think”, “I believe”, “My opinion is” throughout your Journals
Assignment 2 ( 1 file)
· Read the two documents beginning with A2 (See attached)to complete step# 2 of the Team Learning Paper
Assignment 3 (1 file)
· Read the A3 document and the Gallup report, and complete the paper of at least two pages. Please see the attachment for specific requirements