4 Questions on “Defining Visual Rhetorics”

This Weekly Assignment will comprise of 4 questions. All answers to each question should be a minimum of one paragraph in length. This means one topic sentence and three to four supporting sentences
Each answer needs to be at least 1 paragraph long consisting of about 100-200 words.
Question 1: Who is Kenneth Burke? What are his contributions to the field
Question 2: What are misreadings? Why do we produce them? Explain. Provide an example as support.
Question 3: What is visual rhetoric? Explain. Provide an example as support.
Question 4: Explain what is considered fine art? Give an example.
Requirements: At least 4 Paragraphs consisting of about 100-200 Words Each Times New Roman Size 12 Font Double-Spaced APA Format Excluding the Title and Reference Pages | .doc file
Please be sure to carefully follow the instructions
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