Writing Question

In as much detail as you can, write the background information for the issue at hand. The background information describes the context of the problem, which means you need to explain what the audience needs to know in order to understand why this problem is real. For example: Mental health awareness is a problem on college campuses (provide evidence)
Next, explain the problem locally. Do this by describing the problem in as much detail as you can. Make sure you answer, “What is happening here?” For example: Mental health awareness is a problem at USF (provide evidence)
Now describe the causes of the problem by writing in detail the factors that contribute to the problem’s occurrence. In other words, address why the problem is happening in the first place. For example: The causes of the problem at USF include (provide evidence)
Lastly, you need to note the impacted population by considering and describing the people that are most directly impacted by the problem you have mentioned. Write specifically about who the problem is happening to, and target a local population that could benefit from your solutions/recommendation. Remember, the population you identify should be one the audience’s organization can affect by enacting a solution, so be specific. For example: The impacted population at USF includes the following (include evidence such as a survey or other primary research that expresses the perspective of your targeted population)