Write a detailed analytical and argumentative essay on the film: Mad Max: Fury Road, made in 2015 and directed

Write a detailed analytical and argumentative essay on the film: Mad Max: Fury Road, made in 2015 and directed by George Miller. you MUST watch the entire film before writing this essay and doing this assignment, and you MUST read all of this information, it is extremely important

This essay should be as close to 2000 words exactly as possible, AS CLOSE TO THIS!!!!!!

1. Choose ONLY TWO SCENES from this movie and write and critically evaluate the relationship between the two. Your answer has to unpack the way formal elements function within the two scenes and reflect upon the relationship between the scenes and the film overall.
2. You must use at least three scholarly chapters/articles
3. In developing your argument, consider the following questions:
-Why have you chosen these two scenes in particular? What is significant/interesting/ notable about them in relation to one another and to the rest of the film?
-What are the key formal elements of the two scenes? To what extent are they similar and/or different. and why have these choices been made?
-How of these features evoke a sense of mood? How do they create characters?
-What do these scenes reveal about the film’s narrative? How are elements of the story and plot introduced and/or concluded?
-Do the scenes convey key thematic elements, and how?
-To what extent are the scenes representative of the film as a whole, and why is this significant?
-How do these scenes address an audience?
-How might the scenes be shaped by industrial contexts, and how can we read this?
4. REMEMBER this is an ESSAY, NOT a discussion, it should NOT be a series of points under subheadings/ It MUST be an ANALYTICAL AND ARGUMENTATIVE essay rather than descriiptive. You are not describing, you are analyzing and arguing.
5. Integrate the formal analysis into a larger argument that answers the question. You are writing an essay that is a close reading of the two scenes that should offer the reader of the essay a better understanding of how the film is constructed and why.
6. Please cite all of your sources throughout the paper every time you use evidence (YOU SHOULD USE EVIDENCE A LOT) and at the bottom of the essay in a bibliography using CHICAGO STYLE format to cite the sources.
7. This essay is a formal essay, please have an introduction, body paragraphs, a conclusion, topic sentences for each paragraph, and very important: a thesis statement
8. Use descriiptive and specific elements of film and terms of film in this essay when writing, try to stay away from general things, be SPECIFIC and use DETAILS
9. When writing about this essay, pretend the reader of this essay never watched the movie, so please be clear, informative, use time stamps if possible, what part of the scene are you talking about, what clip, what shot of the scene are you discussing, etc.
10. Again, this is not a descriiptive essay, it is an analytical argumentative and essay and is not a stream of random points put together, it should flow together seamlessly
Thank you!