This is a case study. I attached the link to the article in the question details section

Required Case Study Assignment Format:
Background/Introduction – Background and introduction to the case study. reviewed (1 paragraph)
Analysis – Responses to the assignment questions using section header’s and supportive references. (2-3 paragraphs) Analysis Question 1: Assess the data types(Qualitative vs.Quantitative) collected and their role in shared decision making (clinical professional and patient). – (WO1,2)
Analysis Question 2: Describe and Explain data that assists professionals and patients to measure a potential disease. – (WO1,2)
Analysis Question 3: Discuss the importance of any key issues that may occurs in sharing health information for data management and in the case study. – (WO2,3)
Analysis Question 4: Construct a potential solution for the issues which may solve the key issues and improve data literacy for the patient to improve shared decision making. – (WO3,4)

Conclusion – Concluding discussion and comments using references as needed. (1 paragraph)

Each case write-up should be 1000 words ( /- 50 words). Please Note: Section headers should be used to assist with assignment organization and formatting.https://agsjournals-onlinelibrary-wiley-com.proxy….