The Psychology of Sex

STEP 1: For this WTL, begin by reading the attached chapter from the book Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski: The Dual Control Model – Your Sexual Personality (pp. 42-67).
STEP 2: Take the Sexual Temperament Quiz (pp. 54-57). You DON’T need to share anything about your personal answers! Just pay attention to your experience taking the quiz.

STEP 3: On a separate document, number 1-4. Without including the questions in your submission, provide a brief, written answer to each of the questions below.
Remember, you DON’T need to share anything about your personal sex history or your answers to the quiz.
1.Briefly describe your experience taking the Sexual Temperament Quiz. What did it feel like to answer these questions? To see your results?
2.Why might Emily Nagoski (the author) recommend her clients take this Sexual Temperament Quiz? Why might someone find it useful?
Imagine you are in a romantic, sexual relationship. You remain interested in having sex, but your partner’s sexual desire seems to have decreased recently. When you ask them about it, your partner says that they are still very much in love with you, but they just aren’t in the mood to have sex.
3.How would you feel in this situation? Why might you feel this way?
4.Imagine you begin a conversation with your partner about your sexual relationship. What might you say?