Sociology Question

This midterm assignment asks you to reflect on Chapter 2 of Ai-Jen Poo’s book, The Age of Dignity and on Module 6: Friends, Family and Community. We have watched the introductory remarks video with Ai-Jen Poo. Now, please read “The Sandwich Generation, pp 43-69” The midterm is a short essay and a chance for you to critically analyze the reading, This is a take home essay so I’m expecting that you will take time with it.
Please a title for your essay. Keep it very organized and label each section as noted in the prompts below. Please double-space your essay. You do not need to cite references unless you cite sources outside of the assigned reading.
The midterm should be approximately 4 pages DOUBLE SPACED written in your own words from your perspective.
1; Write a short introduction paragraph based on the 16-minute video featuring Ai-Jen Poo talking about her grandparents. (posted in the module) In her video, Ai-Jen Poo describes two very different stories about how her family cared for her grandfather compared to caring for her grandmother. What were the main differences between these accounts of caregiving? Why does Poo say her grandfather’s story is more tragic than her grandmother’s story?
2. In the Sandwich Generation chapter (pp. 43-69), Poo says that ” spoken or unspoken, a desire for the elder or sick relative to die is incredibly common.” No matter their level of income or education, no matter the size of the family or the region in which they live, no matter the cultural background of the family, Poo tells us that the adult children of aging parents often describe these same emotions -“torn, strapped, resentful, stressed and sometimes even furious” After reading this chapter in Poo’s book, write 2 or 3 paragraphs on the following:
a-First, describe “the sandwich generation” from this chapter. What does that term mean? Second, explain at least two or three systemic barriers or circumstances that make caring for an elder so difficult. Reference one or two of the stories in the chapter to illustrate why caretaking is so hard.
b. In the second half of the Sandwich Generation chapter “From Super Hero to Super Friends (starting on page 56), what changes in government or health care policies do you think could help make it easier to care for elders in the home?
3. Think about the division of unpaid labor described in the chapter and about the role of women as “social network keepers” as described in HIllier’s Chapter 6. . Poo says “women make up 2/3 of today’s caregivers and the average caregiver is a 50-year-old woman who works up to 20 hours a week for an average of four years This work is on top of her paid job and caring for her own children. Even when other relatives help, they do less than 10% of the work”
a. Why is caregiving “women’s work”? Should sons and fathers be expected to contribute more equitably in this unpaid labor? Why or why not?
b. Do you think cultural, social, and traditional gender norms around caregiving have or will change when Millenials and Gen Z assume the role of caregivers for their aging relatives?
5. Write a final short paragraph. summing up the issues presented here around caregiving. Take into account that by 2030, 20% of Americans will be over the age of 65. Does your family have a plan for when aging relatives need caregiving? Are you part of that plan? If so, how do you envision your role?
Note: Part of your grade will be on organization and writing mechanics. Be sure to put a title, your name, date, and class on the first page. Use MS Word or Adobe pdf or else I won’t be able to read your paper. This paper should not exceed 4-5 double-spaced pages (not counting the title page). Please be thoughtful. Write a draft and edit it so that you have spell checked and worked on the grammar.