Social Work Question

Purposes: The purpose of this assignment is to gain an understanding of a different culture. You are to engage in a meaningful conversation with someone who has a culture that is different from yours. You are to learn about his/ her home culture and his/ her experiences in your culture or the mainstream U.S. culture.
Do not be under the assumption that this assignment requires you to find an exotic person from some far-away-land! Remember, there are many different cultures amongst us and you will need to explore your circle of friends, or perhaps their relatives. Also, a phone call can be a good way to interview someone of interest.
Acceptable Differences: Race, Culture, Sexual Orientation and Disability. Age will only count if the person you want to interview is 85 years and above and make sure that this age difference is captured in the interviewee’s story. E-mail me if you have a person of interest and you are not sure if the person would be acceptable for this assignment. (Gender difference will not count for this assignment)
After the interview, write a 3 to 5 page (double-spaced) paper based on the interview. Use APA format. Remember, the interview questions are not to be in the actual assignment submission. They are provided as guide to assist you!