health education H

Part of the requirements of this class is exercise. As the Catalog Description states, “A combination of physical activity and lecture providing regular exercise to develop physical fitness.”
You are required to exercise 3 times per week.
Each week I will provide 3 recorded yoga classes so you can exercise at home at your convenience.
Each class is approximately 35-50 minutes long.
When you have completed all three classes you will submit your answers to the following questions.
What did you enjoy about each of the three classes? Please designate each class. For example, Class #1: I enjoyed the feeling of relaxation after I was done taking the class. You will say something about each class.
What was difficult about the class, or did anything hurt? Be specific. That way I can help. You may also ask a question and I will answer your question in the comments area when I grade your weekly exercise assignment.
Submit your assignment at the end of each module/week.
You may type your answers into the text box, or attach them in doc, Docx, or pdf.
Module 2 Recorded Yoga Classes. Click on the links below to see and exercise with the videos.
Yoga Class 4Links to an external site.
Yoga Class 5Links to an external site.
Yoga Class 6Links to an external site.