English Question

Please read Paul Laurence Dunbar’s poem “Spring Song” (at the bottom of this prompt).
How are the structure and the word choice in the poem used to convey the poem’s meaning?
Once you have read the poem and analyzed the use of structure and word choice, please write a five paragraph essay: one introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The thesis statement should appear at the end of the introduction. The thesis statement needs to explain what the poems mean (what is the main message we should learn from the poems). The body paragraphs will prove HOW structure and word choice are used to help convey this meaning. Please review the TIEE body paragraph model and use this model for your body paragraphs.
Please cite the poems correctly. Cite the line numbers and use the / between quoted lines of poetry. Please see the Announcement for help with citations.
Helpful hint: define structure. What specific aspect of the poem’s structure will you analyze?
Spring Song
Paul Laurence Dunbar
A blue-bell springs upon the ledge,A lark sits singing in the hedge;Sweet perfumes scent the balmy air,And life is brimming everywhere.What lark and breeze and bluebird sing, Is Spring, Spring, Spring!
No more the air is sharp and cold;The planter wends across the wold,And, glad, beneath the shining skyWe wander forth, my love and I.And ever in our hearts doth ring This song of Spring, Spring!
For life is life and love is love,’Twixt maid and man or dove and dove.Life may be short, life may be long,But love will come, and to its songShall this refrain for ever cling Of Spring, Spring, Spring!