Data mining

Please check attached document for complete task
1. Listen to the podcast / watch the video and write a 3-5 sentence reaction to the podcast. State in your own words what
you learned, what expanding your knowledge of the topic and what you found interesting about the information you received.
2. Go to and find ONE project. With the one project please enumerate the following:
(a) please give thet itle,URL and description oftheprojectonObservable,
(b) describethedatasetsusedintheproject(youcanjustprovide1sentencesummaryofthedataset),
(c) provideabriefdescriptionofthevisualizationsused(1sentence),
(d) describewhyyoufoundthisdataset/projectinteresting(nomorethan2sentences).
3. (40%) Perform basic data engineering
§ Task: (Data Extraction, Selection and Transformation)
4.(30%) Manipulate and analyze the data from NHTSA
§ Task: (Descriptive Statistics / Exploratory Data Analysis)
§ Task: (Descriptive Statistics / Exploratory Data Analysis)
§ Task: (Distance Metrics / Exploratory Data Analysis)
§ Task: (PCA / Exploratory Data Analysis)