Com1111 Communications Question

You have been hired to work for a voluntary health organization. Just recently the organization received a notice that it had been awarded a $15,000 grant to conduct a health education program for a local senior citizens group living a healthier life. Your supervisor would like you to take the lead for the project. One restriction on the use of the money is that the program must be planned by a representative group from three health-related agencies/associations/organizations, which include ONE from local governmental, ONE from quasi-governmental, and One from non-governmental health-related agencies. Refer to the textbook and Lesson 7.1 and Lesson 7.2 and answer the following questions.
7.1a) Determine the name and the services of the health education program that you would conduct for the local senior citizen’s group living a healthier life.
7.1b) List three health-related agencies/associations/organizations by including one from local governmental, one from quasi-governmental, and one from non-governmental health-related agencies that you would invite to the initial meeting.
7.1c) Justify why you select these three health-related agencies/associations/organizations.
7.1d) What health education information on the Internet (please indicate two websites) would you choose that you think would be of benefit to the project you created?
7.1e) Why would you choose these health education information and website as listed in 7.1d? Submit a critique of the information using the evaluation protocol as described in the textbook (Cottrell et al., 2023 p. 278-286) and Lesson 7.2.