Write a rough draft of a 3-4 page argumentative paper in which you address one of the three prompts

Write a rough draft of a 3-4 page argumentative paper in which you address one of the three prompts below. The exercise is intended to test how well you have understood and engage with the readings, as well as provide you with practice developing an argument and engaging with opposing points of view. You should submit your rough draft on Canvas by Wednesday Oct. 12 11:59pm and come to class the next day to discuss your work with peers. The final draft will be due on Canvas on Th. Oct. by 11:59pm

Prompt #1: Which metaphysical account of race do you find most persuasive–Racial Anti-Realsim/Skepticism, Political Constructivism, Cultural Constructivism, Basic Realism or some other theory not discussed in class (e.g. Quayshawn Spencer’s biological account of race)? In addition to defending a specific theory of race, be sure to address at least two opposing perspectives.

Prompt #2: What is “passing” and why does Benn-Michaels see as a problem for social constructionists of race like Haslanger and Jeffers? Can the social constructivist provide an adequate account of passing?

Format Specifications Miscellaneous Remarks
You final drafts should be 3-4 pages long, double spaced, font size 11-12, font Time New Roman or Arial, with standard 1-inch margins and must include a title. Whenever you quote or paraphrase someone else’s work, you most provide in-text citation by citing the author and page number in parentheses. Failure to cite counts as plagiarism and may earn you a 0 depending on the severity of the case. If you cite sources I did not assign, then you must include a works cited page; otherwise, you don’t have to. I do not encourage you to use outside sources, but I also do not prohibit their use as long as you cite them. I encourage you use sub-section titles throughout your paper, but doing so is not required. You are strongly encouraged to write in the first person.