Week 7 Additional Defense

Read chapter 7 of the e-text, review the powerpoint slides for chapter 7. Then answer the following discussion question

A young man named Roger was drinking with a friend, his friend fell down the fire escape and gravely injured himself sustaining a very serious head injury. To make matters worse it was late at night and both were locked out of the building. Roger who knew he was intoxicated decided to drive his friend to the hospital, he didn’t get far. Roger was pulled over and arrested and an ambulance was summoned for his friend.

Based on this fact pattern does Roger have any defenses to drunk driving? If so what are the elements of the defense. Be sure to cite any support for your position.

We have all heard stories about diplomats avoiding criminal prosecutions for crimes they commit, but the is often misunderstood. According to the provided resource on diplomatic immunity give a description of how diplomatic immunity actually works. Whom does it apply? What is law enforcement instructed to do in these cases.