that is required to have in-text citations and references. Write in paragraph form with a minimum of 6 sentences.

Scenario 1 T.M, a 72-year-old female was admitted to the medical-surgical floor for abdominal pain. The patient is scheduled for surgery (a laparotomy) in the morning. Post-op orders are discussed with the patient. The provider prescribes morphine. Why was morphine ordered? What are the considerations for patients who are prescribed morphine? What are your concerns? Explain your answer. T.M asks how naloxone is different from buprenorphine. How would you respond? Explain your answer. Due to low urinary output, T.M stays in the hospital for 2 days. After clear diagnostic renal workup, T.M is discharged with a prescription for acetaminophen. What drug classification is acetaminophen? How does it work? What are the patient teachings for acetaminophen?