minimum 3 page, maximum 4-page essay analyzing a communication breakdown you’ve experienced or witnessed

This can be anything where your (or someone else’s) communication goals were not achieved. This can be a misunderstanding with a friend or family member (either face-to-face or through a mediated channel like a text message, email, etc.), a miscommunication at work, or other appropriate scenarios.
You can summarize a particular conversation or series of events where concepts related to communication processes, channel choice and usage, perception, use of language or other verbal communication concepts, nonverbal cues, or any other conceptual areas from the chapters named above could be used in explaining why communication was not successful or effective.
Explain how your new communication knowledge helps you better understand the miscommunication. Use course concepts to demonstrate your understanding of them and the situation.

(-a few pieces of information about me that might help in creating a situation that you can start analyzing:
I’m a male who is an international student studying in the US.)

*I’m gonna attach the 2 pdf files. One of them is a descriiption of the assignment and gives instructions on the formatting of the paper, and the second one is the rubric for the assignment.
Please follow the instructions on those pdf files, this is a big paper for me.
*I’m going to attach a pdf copy of the book that contains the chapters.