ITM research paper Essay


Because of the scheduling of this course to fit the 7.5 week format, week 7.5 is only two days long. Plan accordingly throughout our time together.

ASSIGNMENT: The project assignment is to create a business proposal for implementing social media into a business. See below.

DUE DATE: the proposal is due no later than close of business, October 25 (see syllabus).

Point Value: 100 ; This is approximately 50% of the points available in the course.

Plagiarism: All papers will automatically be submitted to No points will be awarded for plagiarized papers. DON’T cut/paste verbatim from other papers or online sources! TurnItIn is VERY good at catching that.

REREAD the above paragraph. Each semester I, and other instructors, have the upsetting and disheartening job of dealing with plagiarized papers, and having to listen to students and classmates dissemble, lie, fib, feign ignorance and in some few cases admit that they did plagiarize. Don’t do it, please. It’s embarrassing for everyone. At the risk of boring you with Dad talk, TurnItIn WILL catch copied work.


Your product: an internal proposal to incorporate two social media tools in a particular business. The proposal is aimed at the company’s new media director and her/his team.

The problem: Your company’s new media director is an internal person who was just promoted to the position. He/she admittedly knows little about social media use in business, but he/she is generally familiar with personal social media use, and has assembled a team of colleagues.

Length: 5-6 body pages; there will also be a title page and a reference page. The paper can be longer, but should not be shorter.

Components of the proposal:

* Title page: title of the paper (top third); your name (middle) course name and number, instructor name (bottom third).

* Abstract: a separate page after the title page, that includes a one-paragraph abstract of your paper. Heading is “Abstract”, followed by the title of the paper, followed by the one paragraph abstract. This page is not part of the body of the paper.

NOTE: an abstract is brief (250 words or so) that includes the purpose of the paper, the problem to be addressed, your solution, and the benefit of your solution. It is to be written after the body of the paper is complete.

Body of the paper (5-6 pages)

1. a very brief summary of the business problem; it is here that you describe the business and the social media problem and situation. This should be no more than one paragraph.

2. the body of the paper will discuss two social media tools that have specific applications in the business.

* in each case, the discussion will briefly summarize each social media tool; will describe specific application to the business; will include a discussion on potential Return on Investment of use of the tool; and will include a brief overview of how that ROI can be measured.

Conclusion: the conclusion is a one paragraph restatement of the situation, problem and solutions. It is a summary, and emphasizes the benefits of accepting the proposal.

References page: (not part of the body).

Use APA formatting for references; online sources have specific formattingrequirements.

Research: 4 sources are expected, included on a separate page at the end of the paper, titled “References.”


line spacing, 1.5; font size 10-12, Times New Roman, Calibri or Helvetica