International Sport: Ping-pong Essay

1. Overview / History of the sport:
Include where the sport started its initial purpose
If the sport spread to other countries, how and when
Who introduced the sport to the US and when was it introduced (if applicable)
Where is it played in the US and by whom (if applicable)?

2. Elements of the Game:
Facilities and equipment
Rules and officiating
Special skills and strategy

3. Social and Cultural Elements:
Who governs the sport and how?
What are the current issues facing the sport?
Government/ Public support
Celebration/ rituals in and around the sport
Media coverage
Formal and informal norms around the sport
Who can play the sport and why/ why not
How has the sport evolved over time due to:
Changes in technology (equipment, Media)
Changes in cultural norms ( religion, dress, work schedules, expectations of athletics)
Changes in structural norms ( travel policies, immigration, Sport as Right Policies)
Changes in the environment

4. Compare and contrast sport to U.S. Sport:
Tell how this sport is culturally and socially different than sports in the US (and/or how it may be similar)
Explore the reasons why this sport is played in the particular country but not played in the US (if that is in fact the case).
Try to relate this part to the social and cultural elements of the sport if you can. If a sport is not played in the U.S. do cultural factors play a role?