I must do a speech about 3 objects (that I have chosen and will list below) that represent me,

I must do a speech about 3 objects (that I have chosen and will list below) that represent me, who I am as a person.
The speech must go as follows:
*This speech must begin with a FUN FACT or A QUOTE.
*Then I must INTRODUCE MYSELF: “Hi, my name is Rebecca and I’m sharing with you my 3 objects (or something to this effect).
* Next, I must name my 3 objects and tell how they represent me.
*Then there must be a conclusion with a review of the objects
* Then I must restate my name
*Then end with a closing thought, which has to be a rhetorical question, or another quote, or another fun fact.

My 3 objects are:
1. a RUBIK’S CUBE (represents my complexities as a human and how it can be difficult to get to know me as a person because I’m a private person).
2. my camera ( this is a professional camera given to me by a professional photographer friend of my mom’s who heard how much photography meant to me and gave the camera to me when I was 13 yrs old – Im 18 now. This camera helped me deal with my shyness and taught me that I have value – this I saw in the quality of my photographs).
3. my 3rd object is a framed piece of artwork I did. It’s a pen and ink in black and white, it shows four separate drawings of mushrooms done in great detail. This piece of artwork represents me as an artist. I like attention to detail, I’m meticulous about design – an example of this is that I re-drew quite a few of the drawings before I did them in ink for the final piece because I wanted it to be just right. I don’t shy away from big projects; I like to take them on. This piece took me a month to finish, working on it every day. The reference photos that I used to draw these mushroom from were my own photos taken during a hike through the woods because I love nature. I won a Gold Key in the 2021 National Scholastic’s Art