assignments: 1.fermented food tasting. 2. Ergogenic aid poster. A Is needed

Assignment 1. Pick 3 foods from the list of fermented foods from the list below. You may need to plan a bit for this assignment to ensure you have the food you need. You should choose foods with which you are unfamiliar. Taste each food. You may cleanse your palate between foods by drinking water or milk in between each tasting. Eating plain crackers will also help cleanse your palate so that the experience of one food does not impact the experience of the next. Type your answers to the following questions: Which food(s) did you choose? Have you consumed this food or a similar food previously? What was your initial impression of the food based on appearance? What was your impression of the food based on smell? Did you like the taste? Did the texture impact your impression of the food? What was your overall impression of the food? Would you consume this food again? Address each food separately. Answer all questions for each of the three foods. In the end, note which was your favorite and which was your least favorite. Fermented food list: Yogurt Kraut Kimchi Kombucha Kefir Miso Sourdough bread Tempeh Natto You may select other fermented foods that you are aware of, but you will need to explain what they are and why you chose them. Beer and wine are not allowed. Assignment 2: The ergogenic aid project will examine a nutritional substance that has been used as an ergogenic aid or has been theorized to work as an ergogenic aid. Information to be covered includes 1) What is the substance? 2) How is it thought to work, 3) Does this make sense physiologically? 4) Does research substantiate its claims? 5) Are there side effects, and 6) Who should and should not use it? It is best to rely on research articles and web-based resources with .gov, .net, or .edu addresses. is one exception to this and is a great resource that may be trusted. Rather than writing a paper, students will create a poster summarizing the critical information for each member of the class. This may be done using Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word, or another publishing tool. The assignment should include in-text citations and a list of references. Plagiarism is NOT allowed. Think about creating a resource that you could post somewhere in your weight room to inform athletes about the benefits or dangers of the chosen ergogenic aid. Please upload one of the following file formats: