A. For this second analysis essay you will need to imagine that you are working as a Program Planner

A. For this second analysis essay you will need to imagine that you are working as a Program Planner for a Health Organization and that your organization has just received a 1-million-dollar grant and assigned you to develop a behavior change program. Once again, you need to pick a population of interest, a health issue of concern in that population and a health behavior related to that issue. You can use the same population that you focused on for Analysis Essay #1 or you can choose to learn about a new population and health issue for this analysis (if you choose a new topic/population, make sure to look for a systematic review to familiarize yourself with the literature before moving on to Part B).

B. Then, I want you to design a health behavior change program/intervention to address the health issue you have chosen. You will need to be creative in your design since in the development of your program, you must include concepts and theoretical constructs from at least 2 of the theories that we have discussed in the course this semester. Specifically, you should include constructs from one of the Individual Models of Health Behavior, and constructs from either one of the Interpersonal and/or Community and Group Models of Health Behavior Change. You can include constructs from more than two theories in the design of your program, but you need to ensure that you have constructs from at least two of the theories we have discussed in class this semester. For inspiration, you should review your resources from Analysis Essay #1, the textbook theory application examples and/or find additional articles for evidence of successful programs addressing your health issue of interest.

C. Then write a Program Descriiption essay (2-3 pages, double spaced, 12pt. font, APA citations) where you answer the questions below about your program/intervention:
• What is your population of interest? Why?
• What health issues and health behaviors are the focus of your health behavior change program?
• How would you explain the overall design of your program? (What happens? How often? With what objective?)
• What theories guided the development of your health behavior change program?
• What theoretical constructs are included in the design of your program? How are they defined?
• How would those theoretical constructs be used in the program you designed?
• Which community partners would need to be involved in the development/implementation of this health behavior change program?
• What do you think would be the main challenges of applying these theories and constructs to this health issue in the program you have designed?
• What would you recommend as an evaluation plan for your program?
• Why would a program like yours be beneficial to your population of interest?

Attached below is essay #1 for your review. Also some of the theories we studies in the course of the term include; Theory of planned behavior (TPB), Theory of reasoned action (TRA), Integrated behavioral model (IBM) and the Transtheoretical Model (TTM).