The Stage 2 report must be added to the Stage 1 report that you’ve already completed for a COMBINED

The Stage 2 report must be added to the Stage 1 report that you’ve already completed for a COMBINED report.

For the Hiring Process table, the information you include in the To-Be Process column MUST CLEARLY specify how the SYSTEM will support and improve the hiring process. Here are a few suggestions for wording to use in this column:
The system will enable …
The system will automate …
The system will eliminate the need for …
The system will perform …
Do NOT add anything that is not specified in the instructions. For example, do NOT include a table of contents, a memo to the CIO, pictures/graphics, flowcharts, etc.

Your Stage 2 report should have only one (1) References page.
Your References page will be the last page of your Stage 2 report
Your References page will COMBINE Stage 1 and Stage 2 references. This means you will have a MINIMUM of 4 references at this point: 2 (or more) references from the class readings and 2 (or more) references from external research. Please be sure to MOVE your references out of the Stage 1 portion of your report to the last page (References page) of your Stage 2 report
Make sure your References page is in alphabetical order. This is an APA requirement

Your References page MUST START ON A NEW PAGE.
Text Spacing
The text in your report (other than tables) needs to be DOUBLE-SPACED; table text needs to be SINGLE-SPACED.
Remove Instructional Text from Tables
Delete any instructions included in the tables AND remove any gray shading from both tables.

Feedback from stage 1 assignment:

I’ll ask that you complete the following action items before submitting Stage 2 of this assignment:

Start working on the Stage 2 assignment if you haven’t already. Stage 2 is a continuation of Stage 1, so please combine Stages 1 and 2 before submitting your work.
PLEASE!!! Read the class readings. They are all relatively short and they will definitely help you with these assignments.
Just as important, re-read the MTC case study so that you better understand it. Having a better understanding will help you score better on the next assignments.
Read the assignment’s instructions to understand what is being asked of you.
Study up on APA requirements. I believe the library holds short webinars every two weeks or so to help students understand APA requirements.
You must use classroom materials as one of your references AND you must have in-text citations.
Contact me if have questions or if you disagree with any part of this feedback and would like to discuss it further. I’d be happy to schedule a conference call.