the required texts this module, you need in FORUM 7 to answer ALL of the following questions, below, in a total of 300-500 words.

CLAUDE MCKAY, ►America, LINK: ( ) How does the speaker express a love for something that doesn’t always seem to have his best interest in mind? What role does loyalty play for the speaker? Does he seem more certain or uncertain about the future? ►If We Must Die, LINK:( ) What role does dignity and self-respect play in this poem? Do you perceive the “fighting back” at the end as more literal or figurative? How might it be both? ►Outcast, LINK: ( ) Is there a positive message within this poem which seems laden with negative imagery (“dim,” “forgotten,” “alien,” “ghost,” “apart”)? CONTEE CULLEN, ►Yet Do I Marvel, LINK: ( ) How does this poem express the equal concerns about God’s benevolence and the speaker’s futility of existence? What role does temptation play? How do you interpret the act of “marveling” (as opposed to “knowing,” “understanding,” or even “appreciating”)?