Short discussions ( I numbered them 1-3 ) NO Plagiarism Work Cited for all different discussions MLA FORMAT ONLY Due 10/18/2022 11:59 PM PLEASE IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ASK!! I REALLY NEED THIS IS BE GOOD AND DONE RIGHT I LOVE COMMUNICATION

1….As a way to begin our work on Unit 2, let us consider the easiest types of poems to discuss: FORM POEMS. These works have specific organizational structures and patterns. They use rhyme in certain ways, or use stanzas to create affects. Some repeat lines or words in particular patterns. Some use the rhythm of the language (meter) to create sound affects. Add a TOTAL of four UNIQUE pieces of information to the discussion: THESE ARE THE TWO POEMS 1. John Milton’s “When I Consider How My Light Is Spent”, 2. Dylan Thomas’ “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” IN YOUR OWN EXAMPLE of a FORM POEM online and COPY it at the end of your post. Don’t use other’s choices., ( use this link to find one) 2…… John Milton’s “When I Consider How My Light Is Spent” ( THIS IS THE POEM ) For this discussion, identify in a mini paragraph HOW FOUR poetic devices have been used in these poems and cite using appropriate notation used in MLA for poetry. Include the author’s name and title of poem. DO NOT REPEAT. Always ADD something new to the discussion. Terms to consider, but not be limited to, could be: Personification, metaphor, simile, allusions, alliteration, rhyme, consonance, persona, onomatopoeia, meter, tone, irony, speaker, . As an example, I have included a brief discussion of the devices used in the poem that is covered in the PowerPoint sample: William Wordsworth uses many figurative and sound devices in his poem “The World Is Too Much With Us”. When he describes the Natural world, he states, “This Sea that bares her bosom to the moon” (ln 5). Later a simile is used to describe the people of London floundering in the First Industrial Revolution. He writes that they are “up-gathered now like sleeping flowers” (ln 7). Sound imagery is also used as this poem, an Italian sonnet, has a strict rhyme pattern. Finally, literary allusions to Greek mythological characters are made to Proteus and Triton, gods of the sea (lns 13-14). See how the lines of the poem have been counted and noted in the in-text citations. A brief review of literary terms can be conducted via the various GLOSSARIES or the other resources provided by this website (See left menu bar and Resources Folder). If you use internet research for this assignment, please CITE YOUR SOURCE using MLA format. 3……Dudley Randall’s “The Ballad of Birmingham” Historical, Sociological and Biographic research does have a place in EXPLICATION as it pertains to actual textual references IN THE POEM itself. Read or listen to Randall’s “Ballad of Birmingham” and see if you can CONDUCT DEEP research to unearth the disturbing story beneath this ironically “sing song” poem…. Think in terms of FORM: What is a Ballad? Why might Randall have chosen to use this form for this poem? Is this a true BALLAD? What are the ALLUSIONS in this work? What event? Think in terms of the 5Ws and the H SETTING MOTIVATION – Why did Randall feel it must be told? RESEARCH!!!! RESEARCH!! DOCUMENT!!! DOCUMENT!!!! Each contributor must add THREE NEW PIECES of VITAL INFORMATION TO THE PROJECT. (Obviously those who post first will have an easier time of it…..) No repetition please! Please cite your sources of research by providing author and title in a quote introduction.