is about TATA motors i will be doing 1 to 5 and i want you to start from 6


Create and submit a PowerPoint deck. It will be checked for plagiarism, so, do not copy and paste. Be sure to put all direct quotes from individuals or company documents between “quotation marks”. Submit that document, in PowerPoint format, to this assignment (“A2: Organizational Culture Analysis”).
Record and submit a 6 minute (minimum) to 8.5 minute (ABSOLUTE maximum) presentation. Longer duration does not necessarily equate with better quality; just ensure your video falls within the specified range, because otherwise you lose points.
Upload the video to YouTube as ‘unpublished’. Ensure that your video can be viewed by ANYONE with the link (i.e., no logging in or permissions necessary) because the video must be accessed by the professor, the second marker, and the external examiner for this course. Leave the video in place until at least December 2023.
Post a link to the video to this same assignment (“A2: Organizational Culture Analysis”). Ideally, you will include the link on the first slide of your presentation deck, but you can also submit it separately. [Yes, you can submit two different files to the same assignment].
Be mindful of your internet bandwidth availability; do not wait to upload until the last minute. Slow internet connection is not an acceptable reason for an assignment to be late when you have months to do and submit it.


1. Introduction to the organization — where is it located?; what does it do?; when and where was it founded?; by whom?
2. If it is a company, overview its mission and strategy — what is the aim of the company; does it pursue a differentiation strategy, cost leadership, focused differentiation, or focused cost leadership?; local, national, regional, or international operations?
3. If it is a non-profit, overview its mission and reach — what does it aim to do? where? for whom? why?
4. Characterize the dimensions and characteristics of the culture of the organization [look back at the case questions on Disneyland to help you with this]
5. Identify where the organization would fall in the 8 styles of organizational culture (see Cheng