On what are you planning to do your market analysis: Market Analysis Paper: (this paper is not concerned with

On what are you planning to do your market analysis:

Market Analysis Paper: (this paper is not concerned with marketing but with market – please be aware of the difference)

Students will choose their own market to analyze using information relating to current market events and data found in libraries and online.

In choosing your market, consider carefully how you will define the scope of the market. You do not want to choose a market that is too broad or too narrow. For instance, the food market would be too broad, while the market for frozen chicken pot pies might be too narrow. Be sure to focus on all the firms in the market, not just a single firm. Unless your market is a monopoly, there will be multiple firms to consider.
Written Analysis/Market Paper – Students will submit their written paper to Canvas. The primary purpose of the Market Paper is to get students to apply what they are learning from the textbook to real world situations. A secondary purpose is to use writing the paper to reinforce the concepts taught during the course.

In writing your Paper, answer the following questions (without quoting them in the body of the text.)

Define and describe your market and choose the market structure model which would be appropriate for analyzing it. Explain your choice.
Describe what sorts of competitive or cooperative behaviors the firms in your market exhibit. How important is marketing in firms’ sales?
Discuss any significant advertising or social media strategies. What pricing strategies do the firms use?
What factors affect the profitability of firms in your market?
How does the Five Competitive Forces Model help you to understand your market? Be specific. If you think that the “bargaining power of suppliers” is important, explain why it is.
[You do not have to answer all these questions choose the ones that seem most relevant to your market and use the textbook index to find them.]
What sort of government intervention/regulation/support do you observe in your market? In general terms, estimate the impact of the government on the market. Do you think that government intervention or regulation significantly affects consumer or producer welfare?
What would you say are the three most significant developments in this market over the last 10 years?
The main section of the Paper should be a minimum of 3 pages in length. The Paper should be double spaced in 12- point font. Your Paper should include your name, and a title on the cover page. You should have an introduction and conclusion, and a reference page with at least 6 sources. You should provide adequate documentation of the information used in your Paper. Sample of APA paper is on Canvas. (300 points)
Apa style