Choose from the following list:
1.) The invisible hand of competition
2.) Dollar voting
3.) The free rider problem
4.) The Principal/Agent problem
5.) Determinants of Demand
6.) Determinants of Supply
Take 4 of the concepts noted above and find two separate
articles that apply (in your opinion) the concepts above and why
you feel you can see the application of those concepts.
You may use any source for your two articles! You must
provide the links in order to accrue full points and you must
write a minimum of four complete paragraphs of 6 to 7
sentences each in order to encompass all four concepts chosen.
Be sure to highlight the concepts so that it is clear what you are
referring to in your responses.

You do not need to find the concepts named in the articles
you choose but rather demonstrate your understanding by
applying them!
Remember to properly cite if needed to avoid plagiarizing
anything written! Safe Assign will pick up any type of
plagiarizing from articles, the book or copying from anyone